How We Work

1. Informal Inquiry

Many medical impairments require an evaluation of your client’s full medical file. If you do not have this information, have your client complete and sign our informal inquiry and we will obtain all records. This form can be faxed to our office. Once we receive the medical data, we will send it to the companies which best handle that particular impairment.

2. Quick Quote

Should you have complete and current information on your client’s condition we can provide you with an instant quote. We have carriers which offer standard rates up to Table F for whole life. If your client needs term, we will quote on 10, 15, 20 and 30 year level rates. Given the proper information, we know exactly how our companies underwrite certain conditions. You can have everything you need to write the case in 24 hours.

3. Graded Benefit Plans

In cases where the impairments are so severe that no offer can be made, a graded benefit plan is the best alternative. We have plans that go up to age 80. Sometimes several plans need to be written to meet your client’s needs. These plans are clearly better than no coverage at all. The only individuals excluded from these plans are those with terminal illnesses.

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